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Hawaii Emergency Radio Operators, Inc. has a dedicated team of Accredited Volunteer Examiners able to offer the FCC examinations for the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra class Amateur Radio licenses. We offer both paperless in-person exam sessions as well as online/remote examination sessions so you are able to find a session that fits your needs and schedule.


Exam Session Fee Is Just $12


In-Person exam fees are paid when you arrive to the exam session in cash (no checks or credit cards accepted).


Online / Remote Exam Session fees are paid with a credit card when registering for the exam session.

To register for an Exam Session, first you must have a Federal Registration Number (FRN). If you do not already have an FRN, get one before registering for an exam session by visiting the  FCC’s Registration page  and clicking “Register for an FRN". This number will be used to uniquely identify you in all transactions with the FCC. You will need your SSN# to apply for an FRN. An instructional video provides step-by-step instructions on how to establish an account. An email address is required when applying for an FRN. The official copy of your license(s) will be email to that address by the FCC upon them granting your license.

Once you have your FRN assigned, choose from the buttons below to register for the exam session of your choice.


For online exam sessions, due to the difficulty of administering exams online one person at a time, you may normally take only ONE exam per session, unless you have prearranged for multiple exams with the exam team. You must have studied, practiced, and are scoring passing grades for the exams you want to take. Email us in advance and we will schedule an online/remote exam session for you.

Your identification will be verified before you are allowed to take the exam.

If you have a disability and require accommodation to be made to allow you to take an exam, please contact the VE Team Senior Session Manager "RC" Anderson at or 808-224-3930 and arrangements will be made to best accommodate your specific requirements. We are extremely flexible and easy to work with in meeting your needs. For those with visual impairments, we have written exams available that are printed with extra large typeset that contain no diagrams to accommodate your testing needs.

NOTICE: Effective April 19, 2022 the new FCC $35 application fee goes into effect and must be paid before a new license will be processed by the FCC. For more information, click here. The $35 application fee must be paid directly to the FCC on the ULS website. Once the FCC receives the session paperwork from us for processing you will receive an email with a link for you to make the payment on the ULS website. You will have 10 DAYS in which to make the payment. Once the payment has been made on the ULS website, the FCC will finish processing your license application and a notification email will be sent to you with your license.

For either an in-person or online/remote exam session, click on the buttons below to see a list of our available exam sessions and to register for the session of your choice. You will also be able to see how many seats remain available for each exam session.


2023 Exam Session Schedule


Coming Soon


Amateur Radio License Examinations are held at the Waiau District Park, 98-1650 Kaahumanu Street, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782


Exam sessions can only happen if we have enough Volunteer Examiners (VE’s). Any FCC Amateur Radio Operator license holder of General class or higher can apply to become a VE.

For exam integrity, we video record all of our in-person and online/remote exam sessions. The video recordings are stored on multiple 10TB 7200RPM external hard drives from Fantom Drives. Additional copies of the videos are also stored on DVD discs at an off-site location for redundancy.

All video recordings and exam session files are stored for 10 years so that they are accessible for possible FCC audits of our exam sessions in the future.

Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 17-23-48 Fantom Drives 10TB External Hard Drive HDD GFORCE 3 Pro
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