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Remote Testing Agreement Form

What examination(s) do you intend to take? (Check All That Apply) You can attempt all exam elements during this session if you are so prepared. 2 = Element 2 (Technician Class), 3 = Element 3 (General Class), 4 = Element 4 (Extra Class) -- PLEASE DON'T ASK TO ATTEMPT EXAMINATIONS YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR
Will you require special accommodation due to a physical disability (such as visual impairment)? If so, you need to send an e-mail explaining the situation to following e-mail address: We may require that you also provide a copy of a physician's certification to verify your condition and the need to use a special examination procedure. * NOTE: FCC Part 97.509(k) states: The administering VEs must accommodate an examinee whose physical disabilities require a special examination procedure. The administering VEs may require a physician's certification indicating the nature of the disability before determining which, if any, special procedures must be used.
Type of remote exam being applied for: * NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend you select a Fully Remote Examination if possible! This is not a difficult as you may think and we are very experienced and skilled with these exams. SELECT "CSCE REVIEW" if you simply need the VE Team to review an existing CSCE issued by another VEC so that your application can be RESUBMITTED to the FCC -- this is ONLY in cases were you had failed to pay the FCC $35 application fee on a previous submission within the 10-day required period.
Remote testing without a Proctor is available for those who have the knowledge to setup a testing environment that optimizes a required configuration. To be eligible for a fully remote examination, applicants must have ALL of the following:

Thank you, your form has been submitted..

The class is now full and we can no longer accept participants in this class.
Please go back and select a different class.

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