August 2022 General Membership Meeting

Updated: Sep 4

No video of the August General Membership Meeting was recorded however minutes of the meeting are available in .PDF format in the Reference section of our website.

Of significance, a motion was brought forth by RC to adjust the General Membership meeting time for future meetings to later in the day closer to our original meeting time of 7:00pm after receiving feedback from several members complaining that having the meeting in the middle of the day interfered with their family time. Unfortunately not a single one of those members who wanted the meeting time changed bothered to show up to the meeting to vote on the issue so I was the only one voting on their behalf. The members who were present and voted changed the meeting time to 1:00pm, even earlier in the day.

Voting Results on changing meeting time to 1:00pm:

RC - No

Gus - Yes

Craig - Yes

Gary - Yes

Gerrard - Yes

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